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Singing & Music Making for Wellbeing

About our 'Singing and Music Making for Wellbeing' Sessions

Singing and Music Making can help the brain to produce ‘happy hormones’ e.g. serotonin and can help people to switch off from daily stresses and worries. It is also great for the breathing and circulation and for stimulating the body’s relaxation response. It can help everyone to lead happier and healthier lives, to reduce stress and to cope better with the ups and downs of life.

Our sessions are informal and light-hearted and have a mixture of backing tracks and accompaniment (including from YouTube and Spotify) to sing/play along to.

Songs/music are chosen for their spirit-lifting qualities

Sessions are open to Anyone and Everyone who fancies a bit of light-hearted music making is welcome including people who:

  • Are nervous about singing because they’ve been told they ‘can’t sing’/are ‘growlers’/’aren’t musical’ etc but fancy giving it a go (as well as people who are comfortable with singing)

  • Don’t want to sing and just want to listen/hum/tap their feet/play an instrument

  • Can play shakers/kazoos/tambourines/comb and paper etc

  • Can play other instruments (including ukuleles/guitars/keyboard/mouth organ etc)

See notice board for further details

Community and Online classes:

With funding from the Midcounties Co-operative

'Singing and Music Making for Wellbeing'

*Mary Stevens Park, Mondays 3-4pm*

First session Monday 13th November

FREE taster sessions

Watch this space or contact us for details of future classes
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