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Living in the Pink

Who are we?

We are a newly formed Community Interest Company that has been created to help people to access activities and resources that can improve people’s health, happiness and wellbeing and to help people to feel involved, to reduce isolation and to feel part of the community.

We want to bring together people who want to take part in activities or use resources but may have obstacles in their way with providers of a wide range of activities and resources who want to enable more people to participate. This website has free listings of organisations and groups who provide activities and resources and who help people to access them so that people can easily find activities and resources that interest them and to get the help they need to join in.

Building on the success during the COVID 19 outbreak of organisations and groups who have continued to reach their participants by providing their usual face to face activities and resources ‘online’ (via Zoom/WhatsApp/FaceTime or other platforms), there is an emphasis on activities and resources that can be provided online as well as face to face. In this way, people who face obstacles of many sorts to travelling to and accessing face to face activities or resources (potentially the most socially isolated members of the community) can access a much wider range of activities, groups and resources from which they were previously excluded. 

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Why ‘Living in the Pink’?

‘In the Pink’ is an old saying that means in good health both physically and emotionally. ‘Living in the Pink’ is a newly formed Community Interest Company (non-profit) that has been born out of the experience of COVID 19 and it’s unprecedented effects on people’s mental and physical health and experiences of social isolation. It’s aims are to bring together people who want to take part in activities or use resources but may have obstacles in their way with providers of a wide range of activities and resources who want to enable more people to participate.


Our Support

As well as providing the free website directory, we will offer information and support to individuals wanting to access activities and resources. We will also offer support to groups and organisations who want to offer their activities in new ways to widen their reach. We will seek funding to enable us to do more to help.

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Our Story

Our founder and Chair, Claire Cornell, formed ‘In the Pink Yoga’ five years ago and has been teaching Yoga in the Activity Centres at Mary Stevens and Huntingtree Parks for five years until the outbreak of COVID 19 when the classes came to an abrupt halt. Initially, Claire filmed In the Pink Yoga sessions and posted them on YouTube so class members could continue with their Yoga in lockdown.


After eight long and lonely weeks of lockdown, Claire took inspiration from other teachers and started offering the classes via Zoom so that she and participants could enjoy some much needed social interaction again.


The Yoga classes on Zoom are still thriving and are continuing as lockdown restrictions lift because participants are enjoying the many benefits of classes being online (including not having to travel, park or book for classes/worry about catching or spreading illnesses/being able to set their own temperature and ventilation/take in parcel deliveries or look after children or animals during the class/being able to take part in classes when on holiday or staying away from home etc). Claire proposed to set up ‘Living in the Pink’ to her wonderful team of Directors so that other people could benefit in the same way if they wanted to and is very excited about all of the possibilities for the future.

Our Directors

Ann Barratt -Secretary


Keen African drummer, Yoga enthusiast, National Trust Volunteer and retired Primary Deputy Head. Meets on Zoom with overseas toddler-granddaughter. Also takes part in Zoom Curry Club, Spirit of Djembe, In the Pink Yoga and other delights. Avid supporter of how online activities can help people to stay connected and doing the things they enjoy.

Phil Adey - Treasurer


Long standing and versatile Oxfam shop Volunteer and fundraiser, former banker, avid Golfer and Thespian. Web developer for and business interests in estate agency and couriering. Keen interest in and support for technology and how enabling it can be. Daily online exerciser and avid social media enthusiast. 

Jackie Cartledge - Member

Active organiser and fundraiser for a range of charitable and non-profit organisations including Planting for Hope Uganda, WI and Independent Age. Former Area Manager, Manager and Volunteer for range of charity shops including Cancer Research UK, Blue Cross and Oxfam. Organiser of activities on Zoom including quiz nights and activity groups. Keen Yoga Zoomer. Very keen to support online activities and resources that help to reduce isolation across all cultures and to keep people well mentally and physically.

Founder - Claire Cornell