We aim to offer support to people who want to take part in online or face to face activities that are beneficial for their mental and physical wellbeing and who may also wish to connect with other people, to reduce social isolation and to feel part of a community.

There are many people who face obstacles of many sorts to travelling to and accessing face to face activities (including potentially the most socially isolated members of the community). The Coronavirus has increased these obstacles for those already affected and created obstacles for people who may have previously been less affected. There has also been a significant increase in social isolation and physical constraints which have adversely affected the mental and physical health of much of the population.


Prior to the breakout, social isolation and the upward trajectory of mental and physical health issues among the general population was already of massive concern. Coronavirus has increased these problems, been the cause of many more and may have far reaching and long lasting effects.  Of people affected, many may also face obstacles to using technology to access online activities and resources.


Offering support to people who want to access online and face to face activities and resources will give people access to a much wider range of activities, groups and resources from which they were previously excluded.

We will actively connect with individuals to establish what support they need and will seek ways to provide the support. We will seek funding to allow us to support as many people as possible.


Groups and Organisations

We will create, publicise and raise awareness of a network of providers of appropriate activities and resources who already offer (or would be willing to start offering) online access as well as face to face access.

Creating, publicising and raising awareness of a network of these providers will allow more people to become aware of and to access these activities and resources and will help the providers to reach wider audiences. Providers may also benefit from the experience and knowledge of other groups/organisations in the network. Groups/organisations in the network may further benefit from advertising and raising awareness of each other’s services and from signposting to one another.

We will also offer support to existing or new organisations/groups providing appropriate activities and resources to offer these online, to grow their offer and to reach wider audiences.

We will actively engage with providers to establish what support they need and will seek ways to provide the support. We will seek funding to allow us to support as many people as possible.

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