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Fit at 50 - Aerobics with Mel on YouTube and in Bewdley

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

If you would like to view any of the routines they are available on YouTube:

Fit at 50 - Aerobics with Mel. 

I offer a ‘Low Impact Aerobic class’ to music, beginning with stretches and a warm up, a mid section to increase the heart rate, followed by the cool down and stretches  to finish. There is no floor work. It is a ‘feel good ‘class, participants smile have fun and no one is judged. Everyone works to their own capabilities and the age range is from 52-86. 

The music choice is varied including well known songs such as Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison, Mama Mia by ABBA and Paradise by George Ezra and include lesser known ones too that offer plenty of rhythm. 

Booking is essential on 07950576441 either by text or phone call. Alternatively you can email me at


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