Just Straight Talk - online coffee mornings, quizzes, pom-poms and more

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Just Straight Talk is a Community Project that aims to empower people to lead better lives. The 4 things that sum up what we do are ADVOCATE, SUPPORT, MENTOR and EMPOWER.

For more about Just Straight Talk:

T: 01902 256 744

Website: www.juststraighttalk.org

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/JustStraightTalk

Follow us on: Twitter @JustStraightTalk

We have multiple projects.

For further information contact:

Shona Gilsenan (Community Connector)

T: 01902 256744

M: 07726 210092

E: shonajst@gmail.com

Facebook @pompoms4loneliness

Matthew Davies (BBO Bridges Connector)

T: 01902 256 744

M: 07396 490 885

E: mdaviesjst@gmail.com