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Leonard Cheshire - online volunteers required

Updated: May 23, 2023

Role description

We are looking for volunteers to spend time with our residents who live in a number of our services in the South West.

Activities could include reading, watching films or discussing films, playing online games as well as remotely. For example, drafts or chess. Volunteer has a chess set at home and matches the chess set the resident has in his room. or other interests that the resident may have. Several residents like animals so are keen to see your pets onscreen too.

What we are looking for: - Willing to support choice and independence for disabled people - Non-judgemental, empathetic and patient - Reliable - Good listening and explaining skills - Good communicator for activities but a quiet person is welcome to volunteer too. Requirements for the role include: - Leonard Cheshire online volunteering training - In service training plus any other additional training - Induction - DBS - 2 references


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