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Movement and Mindfulness Sessions for Living in the Pink

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Both Movement and Mindfulness can help everyone to lead happier and healthier lives, to reduce stress and to cope better with the ups and downs of life (including stressful times and episodes of, or ongoing, pain and physical or mental ill health). Both can also help you to develop a more positive outlook with greater contentment and more compassion for yourself and others.

Our unique sessions offer the chance to integrate movement (based on Yoga and Chi Kung) with Mindfulness practices that you can use in daily life. You will be offered a choice of sessions to suit your individual needs and goals. The sessions are tailored to meet your needs. 'Gentle' sessions can be done sitting in a chair throughout or can be done with a mixture of standing and sitting.

We have now completed our pilot project with generous funding from Mid Counties Co-operative. New projects are in the pipeline, watch this space...

For more information contact Claire by e-mail

or ring/text 07951791127

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