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Primal Sound Guided Relaxation, Soundbaths and African Drumming on Zoom and In Person

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Sarah Westwood is an expert – and fun! - drummer and Sound Healing practitioner, leading groups across the country.


Would you love to play upbeat, joyful music – even if you have never played an instrument before? Drumming is a brilliant way to get involved!

Accessible classes, exciting rhythms to get you moving & grooving.

ONLINE: Complete Beginners to experienced ~ Use anything as a drum! Bowl, bucket, cushion…

6-week mini-courses on a particular rhythm ~ All the essentials of how to play ~Meet a lovely community of like-minded people, learning together.

‘The best laugh and energy boost each week!’ IN PERSON: (Socially-Distanced) Drum Events for Communities, Schools and Organisations - Teambuilding and Wellbeing.


Online: A beautiful way to de-stress – just get cosy and let Sarah’s voice and music take you into deep, healing relaxation. Helps anxiety, depression, insomnia and much more…

In Person: Sarah uses her musical skills to create beautiful, unique sound experiences. Sound baths are taking off as people re-discover the power of sound to heal our bodies and minds.

‘Blissful relaxation.’

W: Online Event Tickets: Contact Sarah: 07812 991770 E:


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