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Ron and his Guitar -Choruses and well-known songs on YouTube's 'The Ron Channel'

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Octogenarian Ron has been playing his guitar and singing for church groups, community events and care homes for several decades. His performances have cheered, encouraged and inspired many people over the years. They have also been a central part of his life and wellbeing. In 2015 Ron had major surgery for lung cancer and, despite having a large part of his lung removed, he continued with his singing. He now says he has a greater singing range than before his surgery!

In March 2020, all of Ron's outlets were closed due to the Coronavirus. People in Ron's church congregation were missing their weekly chorus playing and singing and asked him to play a 'chorus a day' on their WhatsApp group. Many people said this provided a lifeline for them during lockdown - a little piece of comforting familiarity and inspiration at a very bleak time. When the Church services started again, the daily choruses on WhatsApp stopped but the singing at church was not permitted due to the risk of spreading Coronavirus while singing. As lockdown restrictions persisted, Ron's grand daughter created a channel for him on YouTube so that he could share some of the choruses and well-known songs that his audiences have loved over the years with anyone who wants to listen. Ron is currently singing in church and looking forward to people being able to join in. He is also looking forward to taking his guitar out and about in the community when the time is right.

Find 'The Ron Channel' on YouTube:


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