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The Lace Guild - telephone support, online resources and in Stourbridge

Updated: May 23, 2023

The Lace Guild

The Guild is an organisation that encourages, promotes and develops the art and craft of lacemaking in all forms.

Our website has lots of information and tips on it. We can offer telephone support and advice e.g. where to find help on YouTube and websites to look at plus we have books to order.

The Hollies, the Guild headquarters, houses a library, exhibition room, archive, museum and sales room.

We are an Educational Charity with members who subscribe to a quarterly magazine ‘Lace’. A second magazine ‘Early Days’ is aimed at the newcomer, young or mature, to lacemaking with suitable instructional articles and patterns.

In addition to permanent staff, we rely on our volunteers to undertake a wide variety of activities, from gardening to library – we are always looking for new volunteers to join us!

If you interested in taking up or finding out more about lace making, we will be able to help you find a group or class to attend.

The office is only staffed part-time – there is a phone divert in place.

Please use the email and our administrator will forward email queries to someone who can answer queries.

For more details, check our website, Facebook or twitter.

Website: Facebook The Lace Guild Twitter The Lace Guild.

The Hollies

53 Audnam



01384 390739


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